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we apologize for any inconvenience, but we have to shut our doors so new ones can be opened!!
we hope that you find a new small business to support. 
unfortunately, with life, some things aren't meant to last forever.

at this time S R C is closed.

"my story is not a sad story,
it is a real one. it's a story
about a girl who fought 
though a storm she thought
would never end."
~hannah blum

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skin addiction apothecary

formulated + founded by Trish Pettittesthetician, herbalist, reiki master + all around bad-ass. this organic luxury skin care is everything your skin is craving. from acne prone skin, to sensitive + oily skin, these products will leave you silky smooth, with ingredients so pure you could eat it!!


always handcrafted, always small batch, always natural, & always dope!!


reap what i sew & check out our handcrafted clothware, made from organic fabric!!


handcrafted in ethically sourced natural fibers, with love in every stitch!!


organic + sustainable

our mission is to make organic + sustainable an easy choice. everything we offer is organic + sustainable. we are looking towards the future and pesticides really suck a$$...

slow fashion is NOW

what is slow fashion? it is a movement that is long overdue and overlooked. most people do not think of the lineage of their clothing, where did it come from, what is it really made of, who made it, were they paid a fair living wage...


family owned + operated

high quality

organic + sustainable

cruelty free

no synthetics

giving back

no petroleum

all natural

no pesticides

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