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our practice makes better for
you + our community

it takes a thirst for knowledge to be a maker (noun: a person or thing that makes or produces something) + it takes a great deal of patience + practice. 

here at savage rose crafting, we try to make everything from scratch, using real + organic + fair trade ingredients or organic + fair trade + natural materials. we source to be as sustainable as possible, waste free as possible + transparent!! every item you purchase is hand-crafted, hand-poured, hand-made. every beanie is knit on needles by either Savannah, Sammy or Logan + every stitch is knit with love. every moisture stone is infused, weighed, poured, packaged + all the clean-up is done by our trio. 

our moisture stones, tinctures, glycerites, tea blends, many other apothecary products are formulated by a certified herbalist | reiki healer + have been tested on our own skin + bodies, along with friends + family as our willing guinea pigs (thank you friends + family for the support over the years, we could not have made this happen without your help). for the past 10 years we have come up with concept, recipe, research, reformulated + tested each item before it reaches you, our lovely customer!!

did you know that we are the only species on this planet whose waste is NOT biodegradable, the only ones leaving a foot print that will never break down... what the fuck. we are here to bring our products back to nature, where all products can either be reused, recycled or composted. this takes a lot of time + sourcing because plastic is cheap, light + thoughtless. but we are just starting out, so bare with us while we try + do our best. not all of our items are perfect, but we have made a lot of steps to achieving this goal, but at the end of the day, it all costs + plastic free is $$$$$ + we are 3 small people on this planet trying to do their best for the future!

our goals are to try and grow as much of our ingredients as possible, but we are not there yet. so we source our ingredients + materials from local farmers, mountain rose herbs, knomad yarns, farm fresh clothing + more, hoping to help strengthen + support other peoples' businesses as well as our own.

we look at the processes it takes to get from seed to end-of-life of the product. we do not just see a cotton t-shirt, we see the seed that was sown, the farmer who raised the crops without pesticides, the mill that cleaned + spun the cotton into thread, then turned into fabric, cut into pieces, sewn together by real people. all of this work should not be be missed out on because it is not "glorious labor". the people who make all of this happen are the true heroes. so thank you farmers, textile workers, warehouse employees, delivery people + everyone in the process of getting us these amazing ingredients, to allow us to get these products into your hands.

and we aren't even finished here... we want to give back by donating portions of the profits of certain items to different non-profit organizations, such as community development, animal conservation, refugee displacement, natural disasters, climate change, litter removal + more. we understand that not all of us can be on the front lines helping, the world is a large place, but we hope that with our sales we can generate some money to help those in need, because community is where it all starts + ends.

lé team

savage rose crafting is a small, woman-owned, independent business that focuses on producing handcrafted, high quality & sustainably sourced products using the finest natural & organic materials ranging from herbal tinctures to knitware. family owned and operated.

 savage rose crafting has a unique method to our madness: think globally, shop responsibly!!

savannah rose

founder + ceo

"founder, certified herbalist, artist, healer, knitter, crocheter, weaver, builder, interior designer, reiki lady,

savy-of-all-trades, astounding wife, inspiring parent, & super-neat partner!!"


s a m m y

co-founder + ceo

"co-founder, supportive husband, artist, writer, knitter, builder, model, social media wizard, dopest best friend!!"



marketing + fun

"we created life, too!! who is the coolest? this kid, here, that's who!! knitter, idea-man, tea blender, product tester, model, marketing wizard + entertainment!!"

~his parents

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