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what people are wondering

are all of your knitted items organic?

yes, all of our knitted, woven, or crocheted items are made with organic, ethically + sustainably sourced, high-quality fibers such as organic cotton, merino wool + cashmere.


are your tinctures made using vodka?

we use organic pure alcohol (grain, lychee, orange, grape, etc. but they are all gluten-free) in the production of our tinctures, which ensures maximum extraction of the herbs' constituents, however we also offer alcohol-free substitutes, such as glycerites, vine


how are your beanies produced?

there is a lot of time, love + intention that goes into each handcrafted item. this is slow fashion. materials are carefully + consciously sourced; organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable or recyclable. we do all the work ourselves + every item purchased supports our little family as we try to make a difference, one beanie or jumper at a time!!


what is a moisture stone?

they are a waterless lotion replacement + are crafted from the highest quality, organic, fair-trade oils + butters. traditional lotions contain a liquid + oil with an emulsifier to blend the two portions to make a cream. most companies use alcohol  + preservatives to stabilize + create a longer shelf-life. alcohol + preservatives are drying to the skin, so we thought, why not make a product that is full of the good with none of the bad? by taking the liquid out of the process, we are able to have a more sustainable product with a longer shelf-life without the use of preservatives.

we offer different types of moisture stones, all specially formulated to suit your different needs:

  • essential stone 

  • gentle stone (mama + bebe)

  • crone stone (mature skin)

  • love stone

  • seasonal stones (winter, spring, summer + fall)

  • element stones (earth, air, fire, water + spirit)

  • "the dude" stone 

how do I apply your moisture stones?

our moisture stones are formulated to be hydrating to the skin + lock in that moisture. gently massage the stone on to the desired area. once the stone is applied to the skin, your body's temperature will start softening the stone. a small amount of our stone creates a healthy + lustrous sheen to your skin + you will feel the difference!! to create a more "lotion" feel, apply a few sprays of one of our hydrosols along with the stone to add additional hydration and healing to any extra-dry skin.


where do you buy your hydrosol?


we craft our very own hydrosols!! we steam distill in copper to extract the most healthful hydrosols available. most hydrosols out there are byproducts from the production of essential oils, whereas we craft ours intentionally, allowing us to keep those essential oils inside for your skin!!

Have a question of your own to ask? Check out our 'Contact' page to reach out + let us know what's on your mind!!

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